Triumph Tiger 1200 Introduces Electronic Height Adjustment Feature

Enthusiasts of the renowned British maxi-trail motorcycles can now revel in enhanced accessibility, thanks to the latest innovation: electronic suspension preload adjustment at low speeds. The Triumph Tiger 1200, known for its exceptional performance, superior handling, unmatched comfort, and the distinctive 1,160 cc T-Plane three-cylinder engine boasting 150 hp at 9,000 rpm, has solidified its position as a segment benchmark. This family of Adventure bikes caters to diverse rider preferences and has received a significant software update. This update brings electronic height adjustment capabilities to both new and existing units, at no extra cost.

Steve Sargent, the Product Manager at Triumph Motorcycles, highlighted the advantages of this new feature, stating, “This new function can be activated on the move, lowering the center of gravity when traveling at low speeds to make it even more accessible and offer riders more confidence at low speeds and better contact with the ground when coming to a stop.”

The Tiger 1200 is available in several versions, including GT, GT Pro, GT Explorer, Rally Pro, and Rally Explorer. These bikes are renowned for their ability to provide exceptional comfort on journeys to any corner of the globe. Standard seat height adjustments range from 850 mm to 895 mm. Moreover, an optional low seat accessory can further reduce the height by 20 mm, catering to a broader range of riders.

The latest Triumph software update, known as the Active Preload Reduction Function, allows for further seat height reduction. Depending on factors such as rider weight, passenger presence, and luggage load, the motorcycle’s ride height can be lowered by up to 20 mm when the bike comes to a stop. This enhancement promises increased comfort and rider confidence. Activating this electronic height adjustment feature is as simple as pressing the “Home” button on the right-hand switch block for just one second.

Existing Tiger 1200 owners in Portugal can also benefit from these improvements at no additional cost during their next service appointment, which typically occurs every 16,000 kilometers or annually, whichever comes first. Those eager to activate the new height reduction function promptly can request an appointment at their official Triumph dealer’s workshop.

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