Can A Cop Take Your Motorcycle Keys

-up of a motorcycle key being held between a finger and thumb, with a police officer's badge in the background

You may think it’s impossible for a cop to take away your motorcycle keys – after all, isn’t it your property? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Police officers do have the right to seize your vehicle keys in certain situations. Is Shinko A Good Motorcycle TireRead more:Knowing the laws surrounding motorcycles and police rights can … Read more

Can I Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant

Are you pregnant and considering riding a motorcycle? While it may not be the safest option, there are some things to consider before making your decision. Is Shinko A Good Motorcycle TireRead more:You may be worried about the risks involved in riding while pregnant, but it’s important to remember that not all activities should be … Read more

Are Vans Good For Motorcycle Riding

Uette of a person wearing a motorcycle helmet and Vans shoes, feet up on the pegs of a motorcycle, with a backdrop of rolling hills and an open road

Are you considering using a van for motorcycle transport? You may be surprised to learn that while vans are not the first mode of transport that comes to mind when discussing motorcycles, they can be an effective and affordable option. Is Shinko A Good Motorcycle TireRead more:In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages … Read more

How To Break A Motorcycle Tire Bead

P of a person's hands gripping a tire iron, pushing it into the gap between the tire and the wheel to break the bead

Changing a motorcycle tire can seem intimidating, but it’s actually not that difficult with the right tools and know-how. You may be wondering why you would need to break the bead of a motorcycle tire, which is the seal between the tire and its rim. Breaking this seal is necessary for removing or installing a … Read more

Is Shinko A Good Motorcycle Tire

-up of a Shinko motorcycle tire with a bright light shining on the tread, showing intricate detail and grooves

Are you looking for a reliable motorcycle tire that will provide optimal performance, excellent handling, and great value? Look no further than Shinko tires. With over 75 years of experience engineering high-quality motorcycle tires, Shinko has become an industry leader in the production of superior quality tires. Whether you’re riding on the street or taking … Read more

Who Makes Motorcycle Keys

Cycle key lying on a blue-black leather jacket, next to a pair of black leather gloves and a helmet

Do you know who made the key that starts your motorcycle? Chances are, you don’t. That’s because not many people realize just how important it is to get their keys from the manufacturer. After all, these keys are the only way to start your bike and keep it secure. So if you don’t have the … Read more